Personal Branding for Individuals

Creating a strong personal brand is a culmination of both art and science. I help you to not just redefine your personality, but also to reinvent yourself completely.

CNA and Lifestyle Clinic
Personal Styling Clinic
Fit & Fashion Clinic
Personal Colour Clinic

Smart Shopping
Business and Social Etiquette
Makeup and Grooming
Body Language

Consulting solutions for organizations

The brand value speaks volumes about an organization. Keeping that in mind, I help both corporates and educational institutions to create a positive and impactful presence.

Brand Consulting for Corporates
Executive Presence
Soft-skill Coaching for Students

Training Programs for Educators
Online Image Management
Handwriting Analysis

Learn a language that sells

You don’t have to come across as a pushy brand to grow your business.

Build a strong signature brand

You can redefine your appearance, behavior and communication to grow your impact.

Stand out with a positive image

You can build a positive image that gets reverence from one and all.

The Blog

Read my blog for insightful posts on how to build a brand and business by unleashing your August Image, communicating a clear message to the people you want to serve!

I've helped the leading brands, organizations and game-changing startups on how to connect and communicate with customers and enhance their image!

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