August Image is the representation of who I am and my core beliefs. The way we dress, our body language, etiquette, and communication skills are a reflection of our core values and beliefs. People’s perception of us is formed because of a combination of all these factors and this has a huge impact on our success.


I work with the mission to empower people by helping them redefine themselves for a newer and better self. August Image is an initiative that reflects my commitment to help my clients to build an image of supreme dignity and grandeur so that they always stay ahead in every walk of life.


I understand the importance of projecting the right YOU. You are your greatest asset! Creating a positive image is imperative for building long-term associations. Be it a job vacancy, a promotion, clinching a business deal, or even a search for a suitable spouse, my purpose is to help you carve a niche.

Savieta’s Story

Quite early in life, Savieta recognized the strategic role that a person’s image plays in attracting success in life. She understood that a person’s appearance could impact people’s impressions about their overall personality and ability. This ardent belief in the power of one’s visual impressions laid the foundation of her journey towards becoming an Image Consultant today.

She has been personally trained by Judith Rasband, one of the 10 senior most Image Masters in the world. Savieta has received her certification in personal styling from Consell Institute of Image Management, USA and has also been trained by the Image Consulting Business Institute, Mumbai.

Savieta has an overall experience of over 20 years in the field of training and coaching individuals in image enhancement. Her previous work experience has been in the hospitality industry, an industry where personal image matters the most.

Her holistic approach towards the subject of image enhancement is what sets her apart from others in her profession. She combines her knowledge of ‘Vaastu Shastra’ and Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) to provide a comprehensive solution to her clients for happier, more successful, and fulfilled lives.