Client Need Analysis

I begin by understanding where you are and help you lay down clear goals for an appropriate image and personality on the basis of your personal, professional, and social roles and goals.

Wardrobe Audit and Management

I help you understand silhouettes and styles that would complement your personality and body type. My analysis helps determine any changes in your wardrobe.

Personal Styling

You have a unique identity and I ensure your appearance reflects your distinctiveness. Each element of design in your clothing is carefully put together to craft your own signature personal style that magnifies your positive traits.

Smart shopping

I ensure to align your needs for the right clothing and accessories according to availability in stores and in congruence with your budget so that you can make informed choices hassle free.

Training in Body Language

I utilize my expertise to understand the nuances of body language. This will guarantee that you are consciously aware of your own gestures while also understanding the state of mind of the people you meet.

Etiquette and Grooming Lessons

I will guide you in mastering the art of conversation and networking so that you can be confident in your own skin. Grooming aspects like makeup, hair styling, footwear, and accessories will also be taken care of.

Personal Branding

Your personal brand is what separates you from the rest of the world! I help you reinvent and analyze your personality by working on your appearance, behaviour, and communication while highlighting your potential and uniqueness.

Brand consulting for corporates

I believe that employees enhance the brand value of an organization. I work intricately on their appearance, professionalism, communication skills, and group dynamics, helping them create a positive impact, wherever they go.

Consulting for Educational Institutions

The youth as well as their educators need cultivation of essential life skills for professional success. So, I enable both to align with the changing dynamics of the educational realm.

Online Image Management

Online reputation can prove to be game changing, while also deeply impacting us, both personally and professionally. I help you tap its power and curate your impactful online presence.


Graphology allows one to analyze handwriting to unearth personality traits. I will guide you in altering your handwriting and signature to strengthen your personality and help you focus on goals.

Vaastu Shastra

The ancient knowledge of Vaastu Shastra is close to my heart and I have helped clients realign their office spaces to maximise their profitability and create harmonious dwelling places using this science.

My four-step technique

I aim to create a strong personal brand identity for you by following the simple procedure below.

Understanding your true self

This first step involves decoding your true self to get an understanding of your beliefs, values, attitude, strengths and abilities. This step is one of self-discovery and introspection.

Laying the groundwork

I get a thorough understanding of where you want to be. This helps me to map out your goals in your professional and personal life.

Managing perception

How people perceive us is what matters the most. I mentor you to improve your image management skills that help you craft a positive impression on the people you meet.

YOU, The Brand

Having mastered the art and science of impression management, you can now decide what works best for you in different scenarios while maintaining a consistent brand identity.

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