For those of us who love to create a new look with our clothes each day, layering the clothes is a wonderful technique to master. It gives its wearer a distinctive edge, a unique signature style and brings in a lot of versatility and excitement in our everyday dressing, along with its many other benefits.

Sweater, coat, jacket, cape, T shirts Shirt/blouse, shirt-jac, scarves, vest, jewellery, belts can all be used to layer and create exciting new combinations.

Layering is the key to get maximum wearability from your clothes. It’s a strategy when mastered to perfection can create for you an image that is Appropriate, Attractive, Authentic and Affordable too!

It gives you protection

On days when sweater would feel too warm and a shirt is not just good enough, layering a t-shirt with a shirt and then a scarf will provide enough warmth as the air trapped between the clothes retains your body temperature.

It makes you look slim

The additional layer of clothing helps camouflage body bulges or figure variations you don’t want the whole world to focus on. 

It makes you look authoritative

Layering is ideal for leadership and professional occasions such as when conducting a meeting, making a presentation, or when going for a job interview. It gives you enhanced visual authority, because of which you are noticed immediately, you are able to hold attention longer, and will also remain more memorable in the mind of the viewer.

Make it your personal style – Layering allows you to express yourself through the medium of lines, shapes, colours, textures and patterns in your outfit. It lets your clothes speak for you! Get creative with different combinations of clothing pieces  and ways to wear them to create your own signature style. 

Layering works effectively with Indian garments too.