The Millennial Indian is on the go! Statistics show that international travel by Indians increased by upto 45% in the year 2016. We’re out there, everywhere and how! There’s also another good news to rave about. We Indians now have an enhanced global image, all thanks to P.M. Narendra Modi’s impressive sojourns to several countries. As citizens, it now becomes our duty to uphold the ‘Image of An Indian’ where ever we are travelling, in or out of the country; goodness is appreciated everywhere.

Proper etiquette practiced while travelling will help us leave a positive mark on everyone we meet, anywhere we go.

Travel with Élan. Is a series on travel etiquette to keep your sophistication on a high.

Travelling by Plane

Decorum in the Boarding Area
At some airports space at the boarding gates is really cramped. If such is the case, one should be polite enough not to block any seats unnecessarily, by placing luggage or items like newspapers. If there’s no place at your boarding area and there is still time for the boarding to begin, look for seating space at another boarding gate nearby.

If you’re travelling in a group, please ensure that the volume during conversations with fellow team members is kept low. No one else is interested in listening to your conversations.

If you’re eating something, please ensure that there are no spills on the chair or on the floor and do remember to trash the empty boxes or bottles in the garbage bins.

Board As Per Your Zone

Nowadays the airline ticket mentions a Zone Number for the purpose of sequential boarding, to avoid chaos inside the aircraft. They allow premiere class ticket holders to board first, followed by women with infants and children and then senior citizens get a priority. After that they start boarding as per the specified zones. Please ensure that you get into the boarding queue only when your zone is called out for.

Use the Space Under the Seat in Front of You

‘Will I get a place to put in my bag in the overhead cabin?’ is the thought that worries every traveller. Many a times I’ve seen the crewmembers adjusting the luggage pieces in the overhead bins to accommodate some more.

Instead of crowding the overhead compartments with small sized bags, one can easily slide them under the seat and leave the overhead bins for bigger carry on bags.

Check Before You Recline

This happens all the time. Many people have the habit of reclining their seats the minute they are seated with blatant disregard to who’s behind.  The passenger behind could be travelling with a baby. Yes, you have the right to recline your seat, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could look behind before you do it?  A courtesy intimation before you do it will only earn you a warm smile and respect.

Follow the Crew Instructions

There are certain rules to be adhered to while travelling by plane. The seats have to be in upright position, the window shades have to be lifted up, and no electronic equipment is to be switched on while taking off and landing. Make sure you respect these rules as they are there for a purpose.

Let People in Front of You Off the Plane First

It is amusing to hear the collective metallic click of the seatbelts as soon as the plane lands. At times the crew has to intervene to ask the passengers to remain seated until the plane comes to complete halt. We all are educated and civilized enough to realize that everyone’s safety is paramount. There are no prizes for coming first here. Everyone has to disembark. Wait till the plane pulls up to the gate and allow people in the rows in front of you to walk up to the exit first.

Middle Seats Get the Armrest

It is the seat least sought out and the unlucky traveller who’s stuck in there surely deserves a respite by getting to use both armrests. Those at the window or the aisle, can surely survive with the one armrest that’s dedicated to you.